Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Traditional Vintage Charm Bracelet

I've officially run out of space on my charm bracelet. Mostly. Here it is in all it's glory. Last time I counted, I had 50 something charms up there...that was about a year ago.

I've been adding to it for about 15 years (half of my life) and it has all of my memories from jungles in India, tea in Athens to my graduation from grad school. I've decided to start another one when I get married.

You'll see a mixture of new and vintage charms. When I go some where for the first time, I usually get the first charm I can find, then take a more leisurely pace to find vintage ones of the location. I devote an entire day of vacation to scouring antique and vintage stores in every country...every city I go to. Once I get home, I review them all and find the one that will represent my trip/event best and put it on my bracelet.  The others I display in a clear jewelry box or put up for sale in my shop, Vintage Charms and Bracelets.

Most are sterling silver, though I have a few lesser silvers (.800, .900) and a handful of pewter ones.  My favorites are the vintage tea cup charm from the 1940s, the Portugal/Lisbon shield charm, the Swiss chalet (opened in the picture to reveal a 'sleeping' couple), and the fruit cart that represents my time living in the Mediterranean.

Here you can see that I don't solder my charms to have them permanently attached to the bracelet. Rather, I use split rings.  They last forever and ensure that the charms will only come off IF I make them. Jump rings work fine for most folks, but this thing is too big and if I were to lose a charm, I wouldn't know it soon enough to look for it...this I know tragically all too well.

Anyway, If you have questions about any of the charms you see, just ask in the comment section below. If you have pictures of your own charm bracelet, feel free to post the link - I'm ADDICTED to charm bracelets and can look at (drool over) them all day!

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  1. Just found your site, very nice!! I would like to start a charm bracelet for my daughter, 28 years old and spent the last 7 months traveling the world on an around the world ticket. She visited 18 countries, from volunteering at an orphanage in Vietnam to swimming the Great Barrier reef, hiking glaciers in New Zealand, from countries in South America, Australia, Europe, Asia...Paris, Monaco, and got engaged in the small town in Italy to her boyfriend of 5 years at the altar in the church where her grandparents and great grandparent were married. It was an amazing year for her..So I could use your guidance and direction on how to purchase a charm bracelet and charms to get a collection going for her.

    Anna Malta